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Athletica Studio, Montreal Gym, functional training, train for life, mind & body



For more than 10 years at your service in Montreal, he has been personal training people as well as training others in groups. He is always listening to your needs and knows how to guide you to your limits safely. He is also available to train you in your house, at your place of business (for you and or your employees), and in parks for group or private training.


His French diploma is similar to a bachelor in kinesiology with a specialization in sports training as well as group fitness.


His goal is to help people feel good in their skin and help them relearn how to properly use their muscles and articulations. He also wants to help people get into a better overall physical shape as well as improve their posture for their day to day life.


He favours the quality over quantity approach. He does so by making sure every movement is executed well and the body is in a proper position. A high quantity of repetitions is usually lacking in quality making them useless, dangerous, ineffective and inefficient.



  • Collège d’Études Ostéopathiques (Montreal) 4 years

  • Bachelor S.T.A.P.S (Science et Technique des Activités Physiques et Sportives) (France) (Similar to a bachelors degree in kinesiology).

  • Certified in group training (France)

  • Certified in private training (France)

  • SPINNING Certified (Montreal)

  • POWER PLATE Certified (vibrating plates, with the help of different postures, improves significantly and quickly strength, flexibility and posture). (France)

  • TRX Certified (Montreal)


  • FUNCTIONAL TRAINING: Training with your own body weight, TRX, battle ropes, rings or little material where the philosophy is to reproduce natural movements that are instinctive to the body.

  • BOOTCAMPS: Workouts outside with a variety of different movements, using your own body weight and equipment that is original and fun such as TRX, kettlebells, medicine balls, other ‘’toys’’ to make your suffer as well as the natural elements of the space the workout will take place.

  • TRAINING FOR SENIORS: Is becoming more and more in demand since the elderly population wants to stay in shape! His experience with his elderly clients (sometimes over 80 years old!), has helped him develop an expertise to come up with exercises for their own specific level that corresponds to their objectives that always have to do with the goal of getting better and staying in shape.

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