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“Anyone can workout, anyone can make you sweat. But it takes a real professional to take you through the journey of fitness safely, effectively and with lasting results. Stop just doing it, and start doing it right with Trainwithmike.”


- Mike Pellegrini

Mike Pellegrini has been a Professional Certified Private Trainer in Montreal for over 15 years. Mike has a technique driven style of coaching, with remarkable communications kills. Paying attention to the details led him to the birth of their motto, “Don’t just do it, Do it Right!” Injury prevention with an intelligent and creative personalized methodology has allowed him to help his clients with their chronic pain issues. He has worked with hundreds of people from professional athletes and local celebrities, to novice trainees.


Mike was successfully involved in two weekly radio segments as the fitness and nutrition expert on The Team 990, and CHOM FM. He has also written a number of articles for various web publications and has been featured in multiple videos as a fitness expert on (See some videos below).

Mike has built a successful health and fitness business that continues to evolve and grow, providing the ultimate in private fitness services. Mike represents KBell Training Academyas their Master Trainer in Montreal. He certifies professional trainers to be able to safely and effectively teach kettlebell training.

Videos Mike

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Kettlebell Workout For Women

Kettlebell Turkish Get-Up: Shoulder Strength Exercise

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