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Athletica Studio, Montreal Gym, functional training, train for life, mind & body
Francisco Davila, athletica studi, founder, owner, trainer




Most fitness enthusiasts follow the same pattern. They tend to get bored, change gyms or trainers, fail to achieve their goals.  Some suffer injuries, others develop too much mass and not enough athleticism, they lose their flexibility and end up with a stiff appearance. All this, most likely because they are training the traditional way, muscle isolation.


The solution to this is simple. It is called functional training, which is simple, natural movements that are familiar to your body such as: Jumping, carrying, pulling, pushing, throwing, catching, hitting, slamming and balancing. These movements were originally prescribed to people for rehabilitation purposes, but some trainers, like Francisco, have given it a fun twist which turned it into an extremely effective workout that is being used with many athletes.


Francisco is the owner and head trainer at Athletica Studio. He believes functional training is a great way to keep your body and mind in a total state of wellness. He emphasizes on core strengthening, postural improvement, cardiovascular endurance, coordination, balance, stabilization.


Born in Columbia, from a poor neighborhood and a broken family, turning to sports was his way to stay away from everything that goes on in such an environment. School, soccer, surfing and martial arts kept his body and mind occupied while looking in one direction: his future.


With great effort from his mom, he ended up in Canada to start a new life. He then met his wife, best friend and partner Amélie and became the proud father of Luna, Kamélya and Neiva.


His mom always told him he was a giver, but he didn't have anything to give until he found fitness. He arrived in Canada in 1995 full of dreams and he’s living one; turning people into heroes, their own personal heroes.

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