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She has been part of the Athletica team since its opening in 2008!

She grew up in the world of sports, since in 1995 and at age 12 she started a sport that was going to change her life forever: short track speed skating. This interest for the sport was going to transform itself into a passion and become her career since in 2000 she qualified for the national team and in 2002 she participated in the Olympic Games in Salt Lake City. It was with the help of her team that she was able to receive the bronze medal for the 3000m relay. Following this in 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005 she competed in many great international level competitions where she had the chance to bring home many medals for her team as well as herself, individually.

These years were rich in emotions and transcendence but also a rich in learning! Sadly in 2006 she had to stop skating due to an injury. But hanging up her skates did not mean she was hanging up her passion for sports and health. It’s thanks to her high level athletic background and her naturopathy diploma that she started her new career as private trainer and naturopath.

She believes that life is a little les the Olympic Games: When coming across any challenge, whether it is small or big, we must continue to search for ways to stay in good physical shape, a good general well-being and balance in our lives, that’s our podium!

She therefore offers the following services: getting in to shape, losing weight, rehabilitation, preparing for a specific sport, naturopathy consultation and nutrition consultation. She can help you no matter what kind of physical shape you are in!

Athletica Studio, Montreal Gym, functional training, train for life, mind & body
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